Thursday, April 3, 2008

Say no to IE6!

Are you still using Internet Explorer 6? Or something older? It is about time to upgrade your browser.

Help the developer to have a less stressful and complicated environment, retire your outdated browser.

Recommended browsers, I used all of them... They work well and have similar attribute, IE7 might be slightly different from the rest, but definitely better than its predecessor... So support this campaign:

LightAlert.js One of the script I wrote, I almost gave up IE6 checking... A simple example, IE6 does not support position:static on CSS, if you have IE6 you will see the different between the other browsers...

I used to check the page height as I scroll so that the alert box will stay in the middle of the screen, by using scrollHeight. But this will make the file size increase, I decide to remove it and stick with position:absolute only. Same as JQuery Thickbox 3.1, they know this problem, what they do is remove the entire scrollbar so that the lightbox can stay static in one position.

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