Thursday, August 7, 2008

Monkey Brain

I stumble upon a picture, it reminds me of a story I heard long time ago. I don't remember when, and who told me the story, but the story was..

Hang on, look at the picture below...




Yes, the story was, eating monkey brain.  I do not believe this actually happened, until I did a search on this topic and found out...

From Wikipedia: Although most likely a rare practice, certain supposed methods by which monkey brains are eaten have sparked controversy. Certain restaurants provide special tables with a hole in the center. The live monkey is immobilized with its body below the table, and the top of its skull is removed with a knife. The head, which protrudes above the table top, serves as a bowl. Liquor may be poured into the skull and mixed with the brain. The diners then proceed to scoop out and eat parts of the brain.

And there is a video, on this... This video is disturbing, if you think you have weak heart, do not watch it..


These people actually eating the monkey, literally alive! How cruel a human being can be?! 

Imagine someone immobilized you, and had your head open and ... You do not want this happen to your, same goes to the animals.

There is a (Chinese) saying (direct translation),

No matter what creature, as long as the creature's back facing the sky, is eatable...


Please stop all these nonsense, and protect the animals, instead eating them alive.  Animals have feelings too...

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