Thursday, September 18, 2008

Global Warming - If you give up, they give up

Such a touching video, stop global warming! Now!


Apart from the story, the video production itself done a brilliant job.  Especially on the animal expression/ emotion, you can actually "feel" the animated characters, they are giving up hope on surviving...

The ape probably felt lonely and depressed because he has nothing left, and chose to end his life by hanging himself... The polar bear, he knows he is going to die anyway once the ice melt, he chose to end his life as well... And finally the kangaroo, decided giving up hope by hopping on to the railway...

Nice story, great animation excellent choice of music, Bravo!

Hope this video will travel far enough, and able to amplified the signal on global warming to everyone in this world...


Director : FlavioMac. Post-Production : Seagulls Fly.

Clearer version:

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