Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ups and Downs

Everything seems so right, you have planned for each and everything. But you forget you depend on something to achieve your plan, what if the something failed?

Life is full of obstacles, there are ups and downs.  You will never stay down forever, and you will never stay up forever; you will go up one day, you will drop down one day.

I believe in law of attractions, if you have negative thinking, everything around you will turn bad, from bad to worse.  Bad energy attracted by your negative thinking.  I told myself, when things fall apart, be calm. 

So now I dropped from the top, the worst thing had happened, the good thing is I will no go down anymore, there is one and only way to carry on, climb up.

Time to take a break, you can never start a new and more exciting chapter if you did not end the previous one.  So do not stop if you face problem, the only you will fail if your stop trying.

nonono There are more than one beach around, look around you might find a better one.  Bring along your dogs, bicycle and your swimming suit definitely there will be useful in elsewhere!


Rachel said...

Hi there...I met Teng Wai last Friday and wonder how is everyone doing. So, I drop by here and found no place (all coding related) to leave u a msg accept this one.

Maybe you are still facing more challenges or maybe already fully recover...whichever it is...wish you very best and I agree with you...stop looking back how bad you fall, but focus on how to climb up is the only way out!

We shall catch up sometime. Cheers ^_~

horiyochi said...

Its been quite awhile, got back to my blog and saw this message.

Thanks, everything's fine here... hope you are ok too...